Technology Recruiter Training

Uplift your Tech Recruiter training – Create elite recruiters

Deliver Actionable Technology Recruitment Training

Help your new and existing recruiters be better with our tech recruitment training curriculum and platform!

Take your onboarding and training to the next level with a learning and mentoring programme that accelerates new recruiter ramp-up time and time to profitability and helps existing recruiters develop their expertise. Onboarding is delivered through weekly 1-1 coaching clinics, monthly video snippets to drive learning and technology industry awareness and online access to our team of Talent Advisors to answer any technical questions recruiters may have. All of this is underpinned with membership to our comprehensive IT recruiting knowledge base, resources and content. 

Build technology recruiting expertise quickly

Empower your new and existing recruiters to become IT recruiting experts with our coaching clinics and tech recruiting curriculum 

Live coaching sessions provide opportunities to discuss and gain better understanding of their technology roles, build search strategies and identify best fit profiles. 

 Enable your recruiters to discover alternative approaches to sourcing for the roles they are actively working 

 Our guided tech recruitment curriculum allows us to take your new recruiters through the different stages of the recruitment lifecycle and provide actionable guidance at each stage as they recruit for their active roles

 Gain confidence in your recruiters’ abilities as they complete each stage of the tech recruiting curriculum and are armed with the knowledge and skills to succeed in your company

Lift the burden from your managers

Provide your recruiters with an on-demand knowledge resource that can be their first port of call for any IT recruiting question they may have. Instead of interrupting your day, let us answer their questions and queries

 Let new recruiters get their technical questions answered through a trusted platform so they can upskill without impacting those around them. 

 Recruiters quickly receive answers to questions across market insights, role and terminology explainers, boolean builders and more so they spend more time focused on candidate sourcing and engagement and client management 

 Uplift your L&D team and senior recruiters to focus on high-value tasks and strategic programmes, while still providing actionable deskside support to your recruiters. 

Accelerate role ramp-up time

When a recruiter takes on a new technical role they have never worked before, accelerate their understanding of the role and help them move quickly to get strong candidates to the top-of-funnel with role-specific recruiting packs 

 Leverage 100+ IT Recruiting starter kits across software engineering, infrastructure, data, testing, sales, marketing, customer success and more with sample job specs, screening questions, booleans and keywords to get kicked off on roles. 

 Request role-specific knowledge to build pipelines from custom Booleans through to market maps to get roles kicked off or take a different angle at hard-to-fill positions. 

 Let your recruiters leverage mentoring time to discuss the best approaches to a new role and remove the burden on internal team members and give them a greater chance of success 

Provide resources to learn and grow

Give your new recruiters the best chance to build their knowledge of technology recruiting with access to a dedicated knowledge library. 

 Support your recruiters with access to a dynamic library of technology and role terminology and definitions to build knowledge on the roles they are working on and the technology landscape

Keep their fingers on the pulse of what is happening in their markets with key events across funding, layoffs, job announcements and more

Provide them with information of what is happening in the technology industry with our dynamic recruiter friendly explainers of trending technology topics and learn how to use that knowledge to become credible to candidates, hiring managers and network

Allow them to access knowledge in their flow of work so knowledge is more actionable and easily retained rather than learned in isolation