Talent Leaders – Chantelle Jones

March 14, 2024

Chantelle has over 13 years experience of operating in various People & Talent roles mainly in technology, professional services, retail and media agencies. She predominately works with C-Suite/Leadership and Senior Talent professionals to create and deliver high growth alongside a focus on performance & process improvements and retention strategies.

She is currently responsible for building out one of NashSquared’s newest service lines Spinks on Site – this includes overseeing everything from building and maturing the service line, with internal and external responsibilities such as acting as Talent Director for clients and the management and development of a team of Talent Managers and Talent Partners.

She enjoys being involved in the wider talent community as a great way to learn and stay on top of industry trends, insights and case studies.


What do you think is the key to being successful as a Talent leader in the current business environment?

In today’s world, the success of a Talent leader hinges on a multifaceted approach that encompasses adaptability (tech and strategic), strategic vision, and empathy.

By integrating these qualities into their leadership approach, Talent leaders can navigate the complexities of today’s Geo-political and economic landscape and drive success for their business.

As a Talent leader, what is your key advice for managing your teams and people?

My key advice for managing teams and people revolves around communication, empowerment, encouraging a continuous growth mindset and fostering a supportive environment where people feel comfortable to test and make mistakes.

I believe cultivating these key attributes will lead to a very successful team and culture.

How has the role of a recruiter changed and what new skills do you think they need to possess and develop?

5 skills and traits I look for when I’m hiring for a Talent Manager; Learning agility (given the pace of development of tech this should be on every list for any role), curiosity, stakeholder management – including influence, understanding and using data and coachability

How important is strong recruiter L&D, onboarding and enablement in ensuring individual, team and business success?

These are absolute vital components in ensuring individual, team, and business success.

Investing (time and resource) in L&D ensures that your team stays updated with best practices, and emerging technologies which enables them to identify and engage with the right talent.

I am a big supporter of focusing on enablement. Good enablement should allow your recruiters or Talent Managers focus on high impact tasks. It also creates consistency which is important for brand, CANDEX and HMEX.

What do you think is the biggest challenge and biggest opportunity facing Talent and Recruitment?

I think the current biggest opportunity lies in leveraging technology and data analytics to streamline recruitment processes and make more informed decisions. I don’t believe AI will completely replace Recruiters but we do need to understand how to best use it to aid us.

What is the next stage of transformation for Talent Acquisition and Recruitment?

Similar to the above, the next stage of transformation for TA involves further integration of technology, data analytics, and artificial intelligence to streamline processes and improve decision-making.

I think in the next 18 months or so we will see the future of TA characterized by innovation, efficiency, and a strategic focus on talent management/development.

How do you think external staffing solutions will partner and work with companies as we move forward?

I believe collaboration between businesses and talent solutions providers will become more strategic, with a focus on long-term talent strategies, workforce planning, and talent development initiatives. Essentially looking at the whole talent cycle to help a business achieve their goals.

This will result in talent solutions offering more specialised and tailored services to meet evolving. I also think that they will improve their technology stack (think AI, Talent Intelligence etc) so that businesses do not have to rely on long term contracts themselves.

Would you like to share any other opinions or thoughts about Talent acquisition and recruitment or the wider business world?

It is a tough time for all involved in the TA space right now – please remember that your skillset in finding and assessing talent is vital for businesses to be successful.’s Talent Leader Series seeks to share the view of leaders in the Talent space.

By sharing the thoughts and insights of these leaders will hopefully help the Talent industry as a whole as it explores new opportunities and faces new challenges.

If you are interested in participating please contact for more information.

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