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August 28, 2023

Adriano is co-founder & Head of Talent Strategy of global embedded recruitment company With over 15 years in Talent Acquisition, Adriano specialises in scaling global teams for tech companies. Having partnered with industry leaders like Monese, Microsoft, and SeedLegals, helping them shape scaleable and inclusive recruitment practices


What do you think is the key to being successful as a Talent leader in the current business environment?

Talent leaders these days really need to show the business impact of their work. There needs to be a focus on aligning your efforts and that of your teams to the business goals.  It is essential that you are tracking impact and outcomes and most importantly evidencing the ROI you deliver which can be shown through metrics such as Quality of Hire, reduced cost per hire and others.

As a Talent leader, what is your key advice for managing your teams and people?

Some of the first thoughts that come to mind would be to lead with empathy, be available for your team and don’t miss 121s.

Things like constructive feedback are important, but if you’re missing 121s, are not available for ad hoc convos and aren’t interested in the person, your team won’t perform as well as they might, this issue is even more pronounced in remote teams. Leaders need to show up and be invested the success of their people in work and life if they hope to get the most from them and have them invested in their work.  

How has the role of a recruiter changed and what new skills do you think they need to possess and develop?

We’ve seen the role of a recruiter become more specialised as TA has evolved as a discipline.  Companies are recognising there are more roles than just an all-encompassing recruiter and the skills needed depend hugely on the type of role.

You can have recruiters focused on candidate engagement who need to concentrate their skills and abilities on areas like sourcing: tenacity, creativity, patience. Then you can have people working as talent partners who might be more focused on communication, solution orientation, adaptability, persuasiveness

I think it is exciting to see the discipline mature and different roles and specialisms emerge as this will ultimately create better experiences for all of those involved.

What do you think is the biggest challenge and biggest opportunity facing Talent and Recruitment?

There is a lot happening in talent and recruitment at the moment but my thoughts can be simplified to

Biggest Challenge: Not evolving. The world of recruitment is changing and expectations are increasing. Those companies and people who don’t recognise this and evolve and adapt to this new world will be left behind.

Biggest opportunity: the lack of a widely agreed upon “best practice” and the opportunity to raise the bar. There are so many avenues to improve how recruitment and talent are delivered. There are some massive changes we need but equally a lot of low hanging fruit that lifts the bar for candidates, companies and talent partners.  

What is the next stage of transformation for Talent Acquisition and Recruitment?

Technology is continuing to change TA and recruitment. I believe that as sourcing becomes more automated through the application of technical solutions we will see a growing focus on the level of expertise Talent professionals can deliver in areas like process management, candidate experience, and employer branding.

How do you think external staffing solutions will partner and work with companies as we move forward?

 External staffing companies will be increasingly expected to provide value well beyond just making hires. Of course, helping companies scale and find great talent will always be a core of this relationship but more and more it will be about leaving the clients in a better place then when the relationship began. This might be assisting them in the development of processes and systems, building employer brand and content, knowledge capture and transfer and beyond but it will become more than just a transactional hire-based relationship.

Would you like to share any other opinions or thoughts about Talent acquisition and recruitment or the wider business world?

One thing that circles my mind is how polarising a potential career path working in Talent and recruitment can be for people. It is a discipline that has a massive business impact which is only set to increase and one where there is so much scope to evolve and be at the forefront of some significant changes over the coming years but yet it is often dismissed as a career path by many – Maybe, due to some dated ideas of what working in recruitment looks like.’s Talent Leader Series seeks to share the view of leaders in the Talent space.

By sharing the thoughts and insights of these leaders will hopefully help the Talent industry as a whole as it explores new opportunities and faces new challenges.

If you are interested in participating please contact for more information.

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