Empower your TA teams – Accelerate your time to hire

What’s more powerful than data?

Data and insights transformed into shareable knowledge!

Imagine all that knowledge, readily accessible for anyone that needs it when they need it. was developed to enable your talent acquisition teams with the knowledge, data and insights they need to help them hire smarter, faster and become the best they can be: Empowered, Strategic, Flexible and Productive!

Flex Your Talent Teams

Embed adaptability and empower your Talent team to recruit effectively across multiple functions and geographies.

Own and share recruitment playbooks across your team members, enabling them to hire smarter and more strategically, no matter the role.

Discover company-specific hiring patterns, trends, and insights to help you better understand how you hire and who you hire.

Establish a central repository of recruiting knowledge that all your team can access.

Adopt strategic assets for your company that will enable you to hire talent in a sustainable way. 

Ramp Up Recruiter Productivity

Improve your Talent teams’ time to productivity through access to knowledge in their flow of work.

Utilize Market Pulse analyses across all the roles that you’re looking to fill, along with market maps and research into skills, trends and hiring patterns, and gain invaluable insight into the market you’re looking to recruit in.

Leverage suggested Boolean searches and market maps to source and qualify so you can accelerate the development of your candidate pipeline.

Uncover your competitors’ hiring and attrition so that you can identify potential threats as well as opportunities to hire.

Become Talent Advisors

Elevate your team to become Talent Advisors with their fingers on the pulse of market changes and key talent events.

Get Dynamic Alerts of impactful market events that you can react to such as layoffs, funding announcements, mergers, and more.

Discuss Talent strategies and recruitment plans with your dedicated enablement success manager.

Understand changing candidate expectations and sentiments with market surveys to help you positively adapt your employer value proposition and strategies to the current market.

Accelerate Recruiter Onboarding

Provide new hires with the recruiting knowledge necessary to deliver in their role and meet their objectives.

Leverage our technology glossary, suggested boolean searches, sample technical job descriptions and interview guides for more than 60 different roles and start having more meaningful conversations with hiring managers and prospects alike. 

Whether you’re looking for a Python engineer or a Marketing manager, you’ll be empowered with up-to-date knowledge to help you recruit candidates more confidently, regardless of your background. 

“Ask the expert” and get quick answers to your questions.