RPO Recruiter Enablement as a Service

Elevate your Recruiters and Exceed Service Levels

Give your recruitment teams the knowledge and insights they need to deliver for your clients. Drive top performance for your programmes with knowledgeable recruiters and access to client-specific information so you are consistently meeting and exceeding their expectations.

TA.guru provides your recruiters with access to knowledge at all levels from initial technology recruiting fundamentals through market analysis and insights and ultimately, bespoke client recruiting knowledge.

Improve your recruiters’ and teams performance and mitigate any risks from knowledge loss and recruiter attrition so you can always deliver and surpass what your clients need from you.

Deliver on your Programmes

Enable your teams and recruiters with client specific knowledge so they can consistently deliver on programmes achieving hiring targets and exceeding service levels

Capture and document client-specific knowledge so your recruiters can be constantly informed and more targeted and effective in their activities

Give your recruiters access to a knowledge request system so they can quickly respond to client requests and be supported with data and insights

Identify how best to hire for your clients and let your recruiters work efficiently with targeted actions based on data

Ramp up recruiter Productivity and Adaptability

Build your recruiters’ core knowledge and give them access to a ever-expanding knowledge library and knowledge on demand functionality so they can quickly adapt to new roles and new clients in a variety of industries and across job functions.

Leverage a knowledge library that is constantly being updated and added to so your recruiters can upskill and learn about new roles and technologies quickly

Recruiters can request specific knowledge to support their ramp up and begin their learning journey in new areas

Micro-coaching sessions can quickly break down complex ideas, technology and roles to bite-sized and digestible chunks

Foster Client Relations

Deliver more than hires by providing insights to clients about their own hiring, competitors, their market and more. Become a trusted advisor to your clients and enable all levels of your team to confidently represent your brand when required

Stay informed on significant changes in the market around your client as well as information on competitors, general market events and more

Prepare for client engagements with knowledge on-demand to equip your team with insights on demand, hiring companies, talent availability and more so you can put your best foot forward

Keep your clients informed on trending topics and advise them on how to react to best position themselves for hiring and growth

Create Corporate Memory

Create a corporate asset that enables new recruiters to ramp up to a client programme quickly and mitigates risk from attrition or staff rotation off programmes. Encourage your recruiters to share knowledge and break down silos so their is constant learning and improvement

Create a corporate asset that enables new recruiters to quickly ramp up to a client programme and mitigates risk from attrition or staff rotation off programmes

Access templates and knowledge structures to encourage knowledge capture and sharing from your team

Constantly iterate and improve upon your delivery by capturing and updating client knowledge and position your company as partner to clients