Recruiter Enablement Maturity Model

September 4, 2023

Recruiter Enablement is an emerging focus for the recruitment and talent discipline that promises to deliver benefits to all stakeholders from recruiters, candidates, hiring companies and beyond.

As it is increasingly adopted by internal and external talent functions, companies will look to understand how best they can implement and embed best practices nd with this, we have created this maturity model to chart how these companies can look to progress.

We have charted the different levels companies can expect to move through as they progress and the subsequent impact on their recruitment efforts.

Aligned to this we have looked at the different assets companies will need to build and manage through each level across marketing, operations, learning, and technical tooling.

Finally, we have mapped how companies should look to create a culture and alignment between the talent functions and other business areas to extract the most benefits and equally, how leaders are needed to drive the necessary changes through each level and stage of development.


Cathal Grogan, Co-Founder of believes “Recruiters don’t want to just sink or swim, they want to be given the tools, knowledge, and content to enable them to be great at what they do. Great leaders will want to provide the tools, generate the content, and create the knowledge that their teams need. This maturity model provides a roadmap for the adoption of recruiter enablement, and is a vital tool that leaders can use to determine where they sit today and what they ought to aim for next.”

While Adam Gordon, Co-Founder of PoetryHR explained “There can’t be many jobs more complex than that of a recruiter and as an industry, we haven’t yet done a great job to enable them with the tools, knowledge and content they need to accomplish their tasks effectively. It’s therefore extremely encouraging to see technology and services emerging to enable recruiters better and this maturity model is a vital tool for leaders to determine their road-map for optimal recruiter enablement.”

This is an exciting time in the world of recruitment and talent as companies recognise the need to support their talent people with the right content, processes, and infrastructure to allow them to excel. There is a massive opportunity to improve the experience across the recruitment lifecycle and it is those companies who quickly adapt to this new development who will succeed.

This is version 1 of this recruiter enablement maturity model and we will continue to update and iterate this model through new versions as recruiter enablement becomes more widespread and we develop our understanding of best practices and the necessary steps for companies


You can download this table here for sharing in your own network – Maturity Model Table.pdf

If you are interested in learning more about recruiter enablement and this maturity model feel free to reach out to the team in or PoetryHR

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