Internal Talent Acquisition Enablement as a Service

Empower your TA teams – Accelerate your time to hire

Uplift your Talent Teams with knowledge at their fingertips!

Give your Talent team an edge as they look to build out your company with contextual and actionable recruitment data and knowledge. enables your Talent team with knowledge when they need it. Your Talent team can reach new heights with access to company-specific recruiting playbooks, dynamic market insights, knowledge on-demand and a self-serve technology recruiting knowledge library.

Deliver consistent recruiter upskilling, improved productivity, and superior candidate and recruiter experience with’s recruiter enablement as a service solution

Leverage Recruiting Playbooks

Accelerate your recruiters time to hire and pass through rates with company specific recruiting playbooks that chart successful paths to hiring for key job areas in your business. Leverage the data and experience of previous hiring to guide new recruiters and kickstart new recruiting projects more efficiently

Uncover candidate profiles and sourcing paths with keyword and path analysis as well as custom boolean creation to quickly start sourcing best fit candidates

Access market maps to identify prominent talent pools for your company. Go a step beyond with recursion analysis to uncover new opportunities and companies in your market with promising talent

Request additional insights and knowledge on demand to support specific hiring needs or map knowledge to new geographies and requirements

Flex your Talent team

Help your team move seamlessly between role types and geographies with access to a self-serve knowledge library and knowledge on demand services. Create a company resource with consistent central content that drives efficient processes.

Provide simple guides and explainers to a variety of roles typical of a technology company as well as key recruiting fundamentals to quickly get started on new role types and break down recruiting siloes.

Allow recruiters to request specific knowledge to support hiring projects and quickly gain knowledge and begin to recruit effectively beyond their comfort zone

Build a hub of company resources to support your recruiters in acting efficiently through the recruitment lifecycle

Become Talent Advisors

Empower your recruiters to become talent advisors to hiring managers with market insights and data to drive conversations and influence hiring decisions, recruitment processes and more

Keep your recruiters abreast of latest market events to stay informed of the general state of play and possible impacts on hiring plans

Identify key competitors and gather intel on hiring patterns and latest movements to plan recruiting actions to counteract threats or take advantage of opportunities

Request market intelligence to guide hiring manager conversations on candidate profiles, time to hire and achieve buy in from stakeholders

Support Recruiting Partners

Support fractional hiring partners with knowledge to improve their efficiency and deliver more return on investment

Provide access to recruiting playbooks to get partners moving quickly and informed on ideal profiles of hire so as to improve quality of candidates and efficiency

Arm partners with company guidebooks and role information so they can most effectively screen and support candidates through the interview process

Optimise partner engagement and expect more from them in delivering of key hires and efficient scaled capacity through the provision of targeted knowledge and resources