Headcount 2023 Check List

December 5, 2022

It’s December, so what should you be doing now so that you can hire in 2023? 


As companies work through headcount planning for 2023 and send it out to their teams, recruiters are being informed about what targets they will be expected to meet and the types of roles their companies will be targeting. It can be a bit daunting especially when the news cycle for recruitment is full of negativity. 

So, how can you take this information and get ready to be ahead next year? 

With December typically being a quieter time of year for recruitment, I would suggest the following simple actions to get informed ahead and ultimately accelerate your time to hire for roles in the new year.  


  • Review skills availability 

Now is a great opportunity to research how readily available a particular skill set you are targeting is in your companies’ locations. Look to understand how big the talent pool is, and the profile of this talent pool in terms of experience level, company type, and more.


  • Monitor demand 

Understanding a talent pool is nothing without understanding the level of competition at the same time. Have you an idea of how in demand the skillset is in your market, is demand increasing or decreasing, what is driving demand and more? Do the work now to get on top of who is operating in your markets and how your markets are trending. 


  • Profile your key competitors 

Look a layer deeper and ask do you know who are the major players in the market that will be targeting your skillset? Alongside the dominant incumbents do you know who are the upcoming companies and who your company commonly competes with for talent? Spend some time getting to know these companies and go even further if you wish to understand their strengths and weaknesses and build company snapshots. 


  • Reflect on your company’s Profile of Hire 

For most recruiters, your company will have hired in 2022. Now is the time to reflect on these hires and look to understand why they were successful in getting their roles. Consider their profiles holistically across company history, education, skillsets, experience, trajectory, references, and more. If you can identify trends then these could be key to guiding your sourcing strategy when these roles next open and in general when assessing strong matches for your company. 


  • Close knowledge gaps 

With every year, roles, responsibilities, and technologies progress or are launched. Take the time now to close any knowledge gaps you may have. There may be an evolution of previously hired roles requiring new knowledge or completely new positions, tools and technologies that the company are looking to add. Look to get on top of any gaps you may have so you can confidently target candidates, discuss roles and be a more knowledgeable recruiter.


If you are armed with these insights and knowledge you can head to a Christmas break with clarity and know you are setting yourself up for success.


Good luck out there. 

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