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Recruitment enablement is the process of equipping your recruiter with timely and contextual knowledge and guidance in their flow of work so as to more effectively engage the right candidates.

This is achieved through data transformation from public and private sources and ongoing development of general and bespoke knowledge repositories which can be leveraged as recruiters go about their day to day.

TA.guru’s core offering does not directly provide candidates, instead enabling recruiters themselves to more easily recognise, engage and hire better-fit candidates for their companies. TA.guru does provide additional services for a fee which will provide candidates to companies to prime their top of funnel. Please contact the sales team to learn more.

A Recruiter Playbook is a bespoke collection of recruitment enablement knowledge built for a company based on their own data combined with public data sources. Playbooks are built based on one role type in one location. Playbooks may contain information covering Booleans, Market maps, Market pulses, engagement methods, talent pools, and more as well as collaboration space for the Talent team. 

An Enablement Success Manager is a client’s key point of contact internally in TA.guru. They are focused on delivering value to our clients by ensuring users are aware of TA.guru features, new insights, and knowledge as well as changes within the platform. They are available to respond to queries and will look to understand clients’ main challenges so as to guide their usage of TA.guru to achieve maximum success. 

Market Signals are the result of the collation and transformation of multiple dynamic data points to provide insights into the market status and leading indicators to market trends. These signals can cover factors across market competitiveness, market news, market entrants and exits and community engagement.

A Market Map is a contextualised collection of companies relevant to a particular market, skillset or company. Market maps can be used to indicate potential competitors or talent pools as well as reflect historical precedents around Talent in a company or industry. The information contained within a market map can change slightly depending on the intended focus of the knowledge. 

A Market Pulse is an assessment of market competitiveness for a particular skillset in a particular region. Market pulses compare the levels of talent and demand and evaluates these factors against industry norms to understand the competition in the market and provide guidance around complexity of hire. 

Ask the Expert is a direct contact functionality within the platform for users to seek support as well as request additional knowledge or clarification. It can be accessed from the bottom of the drop down menu when clicking Help in the top right corner of the platform.

Access to TA.guru begins once customers have logged on to the platform. Customers will be brought through an onboarding process to educate them on navigating the platform and how to incorporate TA.guru as part of their day to day. Additionally, onboarding will drive the initial knowledge generation. 

Onboarding is delivered over the course of the first 4 weeks on the platform and is delivered across multiple mediums from Knowledge announcements, emails, videos as well as direct customer interaction. During onboarding the focus is on helping users navigate the platform and knowledge, recognise the different knowledge blocks, understand how to apply the knowledge in their day to day and get early value from TA.guru.

Logins are assigned as part of initial onboarding and may not be transferred aside from when an employee leaves an organisation. You can purchase additional logins for your company should the need arise and you may discuss this with your Enablement Success Manager or with sales. .

The focus of TA.guru is in enabling Talent teams through knowledge provision. Given this, users are able to download the knowledge and share it with their colleagues when the need arises and within reason. 

Currently, TA.guru does not require integration with any additional systems. As part of onboarding and for certain knowledge projects, the TA.guru team may request certain information from companies for verification purposes and this may be downloaded from ATS’ or other internal systems. 

TA.guru does not look to replace LinkedIn and is rather a complementary solution to enable recruiters to leverage LinkedIn to the greatest extent possible.

TA.guru is location agnostic in terms of the markets it serves but is limited by languages with only English provided for at the moment. If you have any queries on how TA.guru could be applied in a market that you are working in please contact the team through the “Contact Us” form on this website.

Payment can be completed annually or quarterly within a year-long subscription. Customers will be invoiced by TA.guru and can complete payment via bank transfer or via establishing a direct debit. Accounts will be set to automatically renew at the end of their subscription period. 

TA.guru is an annual subscription. Customers may look to cancel their subscription at any time but will not be offered a refund. A customer must give at least 1 month’s notice when looking to cancel their subscription ahead of renewal.

TA.guru is based in Dublin, Ireland. Our contact details can be found on our contact us page.