Case study

How a Global RPO provider leveraged to drive recruiter performance and strengthen their new recruiter education and onboarding

September 18, 2023

The challenge

Imagine being a global provider of outsourced recruitment and consultancy solutions. You have agreements with a huge variety of leading companies with agreed upon targets and service levels. 

Your desire is to enable your recruiters to be constantly upskilling and staying on top of the market so you can deliver ever more successfully to your clients. 

This is the challenge faced by one of our clients as they look to compete and continue to grow in the highly competitive outsourced recruitment space. They were looking for an edge to help them win bids and mitigate potential risks when ramping up new employees to client accounts. 


The Solution 

This global outsourced recruitment and consultancy provider partnered with to act as their recruiter enablement solution and knowledge triage system for junior recruiters upon exiting their own recruiter academy. acted as an always-on knowledge resource for their recruiters by providing access to the self-service knowledge base and through assisted knowledge creation across clients  and on-demand query support. 


The Results

Improved Recruiter performance improved individual recruiter performance. Recruiters were empowered with knowledge and were able to more effectively identify and engage with strong candidates. 

Associate Recruiter

“ has given me a better understanding of the roles I’m working as well as growing my knowledge of the wider tech space allowing to target the right candidates for the roles I’m working”

Reduced Senior Staff burden reduced the burden placed upon senior staff with the company as questions were triaged through instead of being asked of them. This allowed these senior recruiters to focus on delivering on their own targets and performance levels. 

A growing knowledge resource captured and collated knowledge across client companies, specific queries, market insights and beyond. This was highly actionable knowledge specific to this customer. In addition to this, was able to build out more general knowledge based on requests that would be relevant through to the future. This was an excellent addition to the customers Recruiting academy by providing domain and contextualised knowledge to recruiters in their flow of work. 

Recruiter Academy Director 

“I’d recommend as a solution. It has a variety of features across job descriptions, candidate interview questions, boolean search strings, and more and makes it very easy to access information quickly

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