Case study

How Qstream reduced their dependency on External Recruitment Agencies taking back control of their Technical Recruiting.

October 27, 2022

The Challenge

Qstream’s growth depends on significant technical hiring in highly competitive markets. 

Alison McGinley, the Qstream HR Director, was tasked with developing a new strategy to meet ambitious technical hiring goals. A key pillar of the strategy was taking back control of technical recruiting and decreasing Qstream’s dependence on external agencies. 

With a Talent Acquisition team that lacked a technical background, Qstream needed a solution that enabled internal recruiters to understand how to efficiently and effectively recruit Software Engineers; have meaningful conversations with hiring managers on their needs; communicate with technical candidates in extremely relevant ways; and manage the organization’s expectations.

Qstream is a leading enterprise microlearning and knowledge reinforcement solution proven by science and in practice to boost learner performance. “The Qstream Way” has helped hundreds of organizations across a wide variety of industries build high-performing teams. As a SaaS company, attracting talented engineers to the Qstream team is a key priority. 

Company Locations: United States and Ireland
Industry: E-learning
Company size: <100
Talent Team size: <5


The Solution 

For the new recruiting strategy to succeed, Alison knew she needed to enhance knowledge of technical hiring within HR. Qstream partnered with 

Qstream leveraged the full suite of features in as they developed their knowledge around technical hiring. Core Knowledge Access provided them with essential knowledge on core technical foundations and roles, suggested job descriptions and interview questions and more. generated company specific Recruiter Playbooks with recommended sourcing strategies and searches, bespoke market maps; up-to-date market insights, salary guides, competitor activity, deep market research; as well as a seeded pipeline of suitable candidates to prime their recruiting efforts. also provided access to their talent consultants for answers to questions from Qstream HR regarding technical recruiting. These talent consultants were also available to collaborate with Qstream on tech recruiting strategies and approaches. 

Through access to these layers of knowledge across Core, Dynamic, Playbooks and Consultation the Qstream rapidly developed their own knowledge and confidence. 


The Results

Today, through enhanced knowledge, Qstream HR has taken back control – and ownership – of the technical recruiting function. 

Qstream HR is now confidently reaching out to and engaging with potential candidates; providing hiring managers with advice for planning new technical hires; sharing insights with business and executive teams on related market and competitor activities; and successfully filling technical roles through their own efforts. 

In addition to enabling Qstream HR to take full responsibility for technical recruitment, TA.Guru has helped demonstrate the value of knowledgeable internal talent teams, reduced agency costs and built a business case for further investment in the internal talent function. 

Qstream HR team’s new tech recruiting strategy has led to a better candidate experience, as a result of increased trust in the Internal Talent Acquisition Team vs. External agencies. 


“ was clearly built by recruiters to enable recruiters and Talent professionals to leverage data, insights and knowledge through their recruitment process and become more strategic and productive”

Alison McGinley – Human Resources Director – Qstream

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