Upgrade Your Role From Recruiter To Talent Advisor

October 18, 2022

We recently came across an article on LinkedIn based on work from Lars Schmidt which captured our belief in building and developing TAGuru, that recruitment has a need to become strategic and to move higher up the value chain to be advisors and partners with hiring managers and other internal stakeholders.

Lars stated – Historically, recruiters viewed hiring managers as their “customers,” the people from whom they took orders. But in the most progressive companies recruiters are evolving into “talent advisors,” and their relationship with hiring managers is becoming more one of equals.

What does this look like? Lars quoted from one of the interviews in his book Redefining HR “It’s no longer about ‘taking the order,’ and accepting unrealistic target candidate profiles, unrealistic salary ranges, and bad interviewing practices… It’s moved into something more akin to a strategic partner.”

As a talent advisor, you bring all your business knowledge and hard-earned wisdom to the hiring process. You leverage the market realities you encounter everyday to hold data-informed, expectation-setting conversations with hiring managers. You work together to build realistic candidate profiles and recommend appropriate salary ranges. You coach the hiring manager on how to play a leadership role during the interviewing and selection process.

“Diversity is embedded in [talent advisors’] approach,” John adds. “Not because of compliance but because [talent advisors] know that talent is equally distributed across people, but access and opportunity is not. To improve diversity, they ensure hiring managers don’t depend on candidate pedigree as a signal for quality, look outside of their homogenous teams for referrals, build interviewing teams that reflect the diversity they seek, and make fair, transparent, bias-free hiring decisions.

We couldn’t be more on board with what Lars says and believe it is the biggest tailwind of the industry. Companies will be looking for more from their talent teams and with tools like they will be able to deliver market and talent insights which will inform decisions and lead to successful business outcomes.

We have seen this in our day to day interactions with talent teams and across the discourse in industry.

We believe now is the time for recruiters to take on the title and responsibilities of talent advisor and look to influence recruitment and talent strategies in their companies.

Recruitment is changing and so it is a question of how you can adapt and empower yourself or your talent team.


 To read the article in full check out: 3 Forward-Thinking Recruiting Practices from Industry Leader Lars Schmidt’s New Book — ‘Redefining HR’ | LinkedIn Talent Blog

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