Staffing Agency Recruiter Enablement as a Service

Push your recruiters ahead and increase their billing

Build a team of top billers leveraging the best recruitment knowledge to win. Give your recruiters a competitive advantage with access to’s recruiter enablement as a service solution.

Drive performance with dedicated recruiting knowledge to support and reinforce their day-to-day activity. Accelerate their ramp-up time for sourcing and filling new roles and improve their capabilities across client engagement, business development, market awareness and beyond.

Arm your team with the right knowledge and support, reduce time wasted on information retrieval, and instead enable your recruiters to focus on delivering for your business and your clients and ultimately billing more.

Ramp up recruiter productivity

Support your recruiters with knowledge and insights as they work so they can be more efficient and productive in their activity

Quickly empower them with key knowledge to kick off candidate sourcing with access to starter Booleans, keywords, market maps, and more

Equip them to tackle difficult roles with bespoke market maps, insights, and purpose-built Booleans to identify new talent pools and opportunities

Give your recruiters access to knowledge that can drive specialism or be adaptable and always deliver superior candidate and client experience

Create Talent Advisors

Recognise the new demands on recruitment agencies and create a team of Talent advisors and not just order takers. Empower your recruiters to act as consultants to your clients and candidates so they can build better relationships and see greater results

Keep your recruiters up to date with latest market events and trends in their domains and geographies so they have their fingers on the pulse constantly

Allow your recruiters to be better prepared for client intake and role intake meetings with templates, informed questions and custom market research

Use data to lead conversations with clients and guide them on sourcing strategies, compensation, role expectations, and more.

Drive Business Development

Accelerate business development efforts for your recruiters with easy-to-access lead lists, relevant knowledge and content to open conversations and best practice BD guides and resources

Focus your recruiters on outbound prospecting efforts and decrease the burden of opportunity identification with seeded lead lists

Keep your recruiters on top of the latest job announcements and funding news so they can react to emerging opportunities and build relationships with the fast-growing companies of the future

Give your recruiters interesting insights and content to share with prospects and leads so they can demonstrate authority and open doors into companies.

Build a Learning Culture

Build a company asset and culture to support knowledge sharing and management. Break down knowledge silos and enable your recruiters to capture and share knowledge as they work across a variety of roles and companies.

Mitigate any risk of knowledge loss and knowledge flight by breaking down silos and providing a central hub for knowledge sharing

Create a culture of active knowledge capture around roles, clients and general insights so your team can benefit from each others work and learn from successes

Guide your recruiters on best practice through the recruitment lifecycle with a centralised and accessible hub stocked with guides, templates, processes and resources built by you and the team