About TA.guru

Built for recruiters by recruiters

Our mission is to empower talent acquisition teams to hire smarter, confidently and more sustainably.

Recruiting is hard, but we have spent the last 10 years working with some of the world’s biggest brands and exciting start-ups helping them build their technical teams.

Today, we provide the right knowledge and insights needed to simplify the recruitment process, thus empowering talent acquisition professionals.

We developed a recruitment enablement and intelligence platform because we understand that Talent Acquisition Teams can become more strategic by having access to the right knowledge and insights that help inform hiring decisions. Simply put, we enable them to hire smarter. 

Talent teams should feel they have the tools they need to recruit candidates from any function. Whether it’s software programming, sales or marketing, we’ve got you:

Search our core knowledge to learn about a range of 60+ different roles;

Access our Market Pulse and Market maps to understand the complexity of hire;

Share playbooks across your team to drive increased team productivity;

Use our suggested keywords and Boolean searches to seed your talent pipelines;

Overlay our market insights and research to understand how to adapt your employer value proposition and talent strategies.

We always believed Talent is a strategic function and that companies need to cultivate that strategic capability and bring it in-house.

Cathal spent the first 20 years of his career in technology, with experiences such as building design systems for General motors, to product management of multi-channel CRM for publicly quoted global software companies. Following this he set up a technology recruiting company where for 10 years his clients included the world’s leading technology companies. 
This experience introduced him to the significant knowledge challenges recruiters face, from ever changing technology landscapes, creation of new role types, to hyper competitive market places. 
And while he noticed how companies were investing in technology to help their recruiters manage their processes better, no one seemed to be focused on technology to help recruiters be better in their roles. He believes that a knowledgeable recruiter will always achieve greater success than recruiters with knowledge gaps and so he founded TA.guru to do just that. 
He has brought his experience as a recruiter and as a technologist together to help talent acquisition teams reach their full potential.

Cathal Grogan
Co-Founder TA.guru


Not knowing where to turn after completing a Commerce degree Seán fell into a role in niche technology recruitment and ended up at the coalface of it for four years.

During this time, he always felt that more could be done to improve recruitment and talent acquisition. He believed that recruitment could be better for all parties involved. Recognising that people would always play a role in recruitment, Seán felt that knowledge and enablement were key to that.

What could recruitment look like if the people at the heart of it were enabled with the core skills, knowledge, data and insights to perform their roles at the highest level?

TA.guru is the answer to that! A platform built by recruiters to enable recruiters through access to knowledge and intelligence that drive decision making and lifts recruiters to the level they deserve and need. 


Sean Galligan
Co-Founder TA.guru