Recruiter Enablement as a Service

Improve Recruiter Performance
by up to 30% feeds recruiters with the knowledge, content, and insights they need to become more productive, credible and strategic

Create a team of high performing recruiters and Talent Advisors

By giving them the knowledge and content they need to excel.

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Why Recruiter Enablement?

Ramp up your Recruiters’ Productivity

Empower your recruiters, increase their confidence, and accelerate time to hire for new roles and new recruiters.

No matter the role, gives recruiters the knowledge, answers and recruiting content they need to quickly go to market and work with clients or hiring managers.

Expand your team’s expertise so they can efficiently source, engage and qualify the right candidates across multiple functions and geographies.

Build Custom Knowledge

Request new knowledge and targeted content that your team needs to close knowledge gaps with certainty within their flow of work.

Receive and own a centralised repository of knowledge and shared learnings around roles, markets, and companies.

Position recruiter enablement at the centre of your recruitment organisation so knowledge is captured and never lost.

Become Talent Advisors

Gain visibility on market events, competitors, trends for the market you’re recruiting in and create strategic recruiters within your organization.

Access market maps for your target roles to identify new talent pools or highlight potential threats

Keep your recruiters informed of the latest happenings in the world of tech so they can become respected and gain the trust of the community 

Identify new prospects and build relationships

Access lead lists to drive business development efforts and grow business 

Build relationships with hiring managers, clients and other stakeholders with targeted knowledge to lead conversations and influence decisions. 

Keep your recruiters ahead of the pack in engaging with key stakeholders outside of candidates. 


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