Empower your Talent Teams.

Accelerate your time to hire.

TA.guru is the recruitment enablement solution that feeds your talent teams with the right knowledge and insights they need to hire smarter.

Become the best talent team you can be.

Make knowledge your competitive advantage and win in today's talent acquisition landscape.
Knowledge led teams are up to 25% more productive, motivated, strategic and successful!

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See how Talent Teams are best enabled

Close knowledge gaps

Empower your talent acquisition team, accelerate your ramp up time and reduce your dependency on external recruitment agencies.

Whether you’re recruiting for technical, sales or marketing roles, TA.guru gives you access to the right up-to-date information so you can learn about the different and emerging technologies and roles in order for you to source, engage and qualify candidates confidently.

Know your market

Gain visibility on key trends, hiring patterns and competitors for the market you’re hiring in and become a strategic data-driven talent advisor within your organization.
Access the right market maps, research and insights and uncover new and untapped talent pools.

Ramp Up your Team Productivity

Create recruiter playbooks, document best practices and position knowledge sharing at the center of your recruitment organization.

Collaborate with a team of expert talent analysts to implement shareable custom research that adapts to your evolving team and unique hiring priorities.

Ongoing dedicated support

Set up your talent team for success with TA.guru’s ongoing support.
We understand that recruitment is a person-to-person process, therefore, we don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach.
We’re a partner you can rely on to empower you with customized knowledge and data that fits your needs when you need it. Work with a dedicated enablement success manager that will support you in becoming the best talent advisor you can be.


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